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Joomla : Arctic Methane Emerg

AMEG MIssion

Regarding global climate change - as goes the Arctic so goes the Earth.

Our mission is PROTECTION

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Our mission is to warn the world that the Arctic and the Earth are in a state of dire emergency and that only immediate drastic action can save us from catastrophe. We have no time left.  

This planet Earth is a sacred trust we hold for all future generations of humanity and all species.


We must respond.


Our mission is to see that the Arctic is cooled to prevent the loss of the Arctic summer sea ice and its vital cooling albedo effect on the planet.


The Arctic sea ice must be protected, to protect the Arctic, to protect the climate of the Northern Hemisphere, on which all the world's best food production depends, and to protect the global climate for the present and all future generations.


The Arctic is a very special delicate and vital ecosystem with many special species  which needs protecting. If the sea ice goes they will go.


The Arctic indigenous peoples have a traditional life style that has proved to be sustainable for thousands of years and they have a right to be protected. If the sea ice goes they lose for way of life, culture AND identity.


Most of all the Arctic sea ice must be protected from melting away for our protection. We must protect the Arctic sea ice to protect our future food security- a few decades from now.


We absolutely must protect the Arctic sea ice because of the risk of abrupt or rapid global warming and also oddly enough the risk of abrupt cooling to the northern hemisphere.


Protecting planet Earth and our own security starts with the protecting the Arctic- right now.

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